30 Days of Daily Affirmations


repeat affirmations several times a day 


- I deserve greatness

- My past does not predict my future

-I am growing stronger everyday

- I will not give up 

-I know my worth

-I make choices that help me reach my goals 

-I am better than good enough

-I am confident in the presence of others 

-I will not allow people to take advantage of me

-I deserve love and compassion 

- I am unstoppable

-I am present and powerful


-I am proud of myself

-I deserve and accept the very best 

-I refuse to give up

- I will let go of all things that no longer serve me

-I do not and will not compare myself to others

-I choose happiness everyday

-I have power and control over my health and weight

-My body is my temple. I will keep my temple clean

- I will continue to learn and grow

-I will do things that I enjoy

-I love the person that I am becoming

-I surround myself with supportive people 


-I let go of the negative feelings that I have about myself and accept all that is good

-Today I will take big steps toward reaching my goals

-My mind is clear, energized, and focused

-I have to courage to say "NO"

-I am not afraid to be wrong. I will continue to learn

-My commitment to myself is real